The toilet paper battle

As I already mentioned in my last post, finding toilet paper in plastic-free packaging seems to be absolutely impossible. Bad luck I’m running out of it… I went to all organic supermarkets I could find in the area, as well as various health stores and fair trade shops, but I couldn’t find anything. The weirdest thing about this is that even the so-called recycling toilet paper comes in a plastic bag.

Blogpost 19.02.

Proudly presenting: The last roll…

So what are the alternatives? And are there any?

  • Not using any toilet paper at all? Definitely not an option…
  • Putting up with the fact that I just can’t go plastic-free with my toilet paper? Definitely not an option either…
  • Stealing toilet paper from friends? Would defeat the purpose…
  • Using old table cloths and washing them? Yuck…. And I wonder if the loads of washing I would have to do wouldn’t be sort of counter productive.
  • Using old newspapers like my relatives in the GDR used to? Hm, that might be a bit uncomfy at the start, but so far this seems to be the best option.

As none of the the above-mentioned ideas really made me happy, I spent the night doing research online. Thanks to another blogger whose website I’m desperately trying to find again at the moment, I found out that dm sells recycling tissue boxes that do not contain any plastic, not even in the little gap where you take out the tissue. I bought two of them, still hoping that I can find „real“ toilet paper. If I don’t, this might be the best alternative.

Lesson learned: Finding toilet paper that doesn’t come in plastic packaging is practically impossible. Finding alternatives takes a lot of time and effort. Maybe I should send an email to all the toilet paper producers asking why their recycling toilet paper has to be wrapped in plastic? Any other ideas?



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