Thoughts on this challenge

I actually wanted to write about something different today, but due to the many messages I got asking about my project I thought I would tell you a little bit more about my general intentions and things that might have seemed clearer in my mind than on paper, meaning this blog.

First of all: I am not a scientist, so although I read articles and watched interesting documentaries about plastic, I do not and will not ever claim to have the ultimate knowledge about this topic. Therefore I decided not to write about the latest research, controversies in science etc. In the future I do want to provide a collection of useful links though so that you can read more about it and make your own mind up.

As I already wrote in my first post, this experiment is not about ditching long-lasting plastic items. It is not about things we keep for the rest of our life or for at least for five, six or ten years. How else (or maybe with what other device) could I be writing this? Instead this experiment is about avoiding unneccessary packaging. I am aware that plastic is not the only source of danger to the environment or our health and that there are also quite a few bad things to be said about cardboard, paper or glass, but honestly, I hardly ever see lettuce wrapped in paper, ten little cardboard boxes tucked into one or a glass bottle „wrapped“ in another glass bottle. So the thing is that plastic is our main, if not to say the most dominant packaging material. With its dangers to the environment and the health of humans and animals it therefore serves as an example of our way of consuming.

Inglorious plastics is about raising awareness on packaging and also on consumption in general. In order to do so and also to make this blog interesting to read and follow, I chose an extreme way to make myself and those interested aware of how and what I (as the average person) consume everyday, to learn more about it and to reduce waste – going on an anti-plastic diet. By doing this, I also thought I could find out which things were easy to avoid (like plastic bags) and which weren’t (like toilet paper) and therefore avoiding them probably wouldn’t prove to be a practical, long-term solution. I could have as well set up a blog calling it „How to avoid unneccessary packaging“ or something similar giving you advice on how to cut down on waste, but I thought that this method would simply work better in encouraging a discussion.

Reading all positive and also negative messages and comments I can say: It definitely has. Thank you, I’m looking forward to hearing more from you!


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