Messy business

Cleaning-up day

Due to the lack of plastic-free cleaning products, my appartment is a total mess. At least this has been my excuse for not cleaning it properly since I ditched plastic. Joking aside, I was actually a bit afraid of the day where I would have to start using vinegar essence because – guess what? – it’s the only cleaning agent that comes in a glass bottle (And when I say this, I mean that I went to several shops including organic supermarkets, health stores, wholesalers and so on.). Unfortunatley I had to make a little compromise again: The lid is of course made out of plastic.

The idea of having my entire appartment smell like an ocean of vinegar put me off quite a bit at the beginning. Fortunately I told a friendly girl in the shop about my project and oddly enough working in a place that doesn’t exactly seem to specialize in eco-friendly cleaning stuff she got really excited about it and helped me a lot. She told me that I could just mix the vinegar essence with lemon and she was right – the smell does get a little bit better. Unfortunately it doesn’t disappear completely, but I guess I will get used to it, especially as I never liked the smell of chemical cleaning products either. And I only really need it for the bathroom and the kitchen. For my living room and the bedroom I just used a mix of water and soap, a brush and a broom. That’s all you need. Opening my windows for about ten minutes did the rest.

I also found lemon acid powder in a cardboard box, which works perfectly as a toilet cleaner and descaler for my coffee machine, sink and washing machine. In the end my appartment was just as clean as it would normally get with not so eco-friendly cleaning liquids that come in plastic bottles. I didn’t have to scrub the floor harder either. And the great thing about this is that I also save money (vinegar essence is pretty much the cheapest cleaning product you can buy).

By the way, I also heard of baking soda being a great alternative for many cleaning products. Next time I’m gonna give this a try.

Lesson learned: I don’t need ten different cleaning products.



  1. For extra fun, combine the vinegar and baking soda. This will fizz up and is good for cleaning. Might even help the smell as the carbonate neutralizes the acid.

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