The panda eyes issue

Cleaning up the beauty bag

I never wanted to look like a plastic barbie, but I like using a bit of eye make-up and cosmetics. And I definitely don’t want to walk around with stinky, greasy hair and smelly armpits. So what to do? My first visit at my favourite (and probably all German girls’ favourite) cosmetics and toiletry chain turned out to be a zero-money-spending activity. Apart from bath gels, hand soaps and massage oils, which I could use instead of bodylotion, I couldn’t find anything that would be of use to me at that moment – I was in desperate need of shampoo and tooth paste!

After a bit of thinking I found two solutions to my problems:

… the lazy one: Not washing my hair anymore and going all ”natural“. No, joking aside, I thought of going to a place that sells all kinds of soaps. I was amazed about the variety of things you can find there – shampoo soaps, bath soaps, bodylotion soaps, deodorant soaps, facial cleaner soaps and even toothpaste soaps. I saw that sort of stuff in organic supermarkets, big chains shops like Lush and also in eco-friendly online shops. As happy as I am about having more options than I thought, I do have to say it’s not exactly the cheapest solution to my problem. This makes me move on to…

Proudly presenting.... shampoo soap!

Proudly presenting…. shampoo soap!

… the more time consuming, but cheaper option: Making cosmetics myself (No, I don’t mean like Tyler Durden in Fight Club). I was thinking of ingredients that wouldn’t require me to go through the bins of plastic surgeons. So here’s what I learnt so far:

  • Olive oil and sugar make a great body scrub.
  •  Cucumber slices don’t only help the puffy eyes of TV beauties.
  •  Honey makes my lips all smooth. Yum!
  •  Listen, boys: Beer works as a conditioner, natron as a shampoo.
  •  Lemon juice helps brighten finger nails and yoghurt makes a great base for a facial.

I could go on and on about this, as there are so many beauty products I can replace with ingredients I’ve got at home anyway.

Feedback, anyone?

You probably wonder if my homemade army of cosmetics works just as well as the chemical stuff I used before or if I turned into a with. Well, yes and no. I’ve been using honey for a long time, so I already knew I would definitely like it. The olive oil scrub, a method one of my friends showed me when I was a teenager, is also an awesome alternative to using conventional scrubs. Yoghurt for facial treatments is great as well. And the old cucumber trick has already worked for my nan and all the still smooth-looking ladies in her generation. I’m just not happy with the hair solution yet. Believe it or not, I just don’t like the smell of beer in the morning. And I also find it hard to spread that natron-stuff in my hair. On top of that it seems like it leaves a weird layer on my hair. So I decided to go for shampoo soap, which works just as well as liquid shampoo.

What’s next?

I just don’t know how to solve the make-up matter yet. Or what to use instead of make-up remover or remover pads. Therefore: To be continued soon… And if you have any advice for me, let me know so that I don’t have to walk around with panda eyes.



  1. Wash your hair with normal soap (or ‘soapfree soap’) and rinse it with a little bit of lemon juice (or other acid) added to the rinsing water…. works out nicely for me!

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