Rest in peace gummy bears, chips, tortilla chips, pretzel snacks, lollies, chewing gum, marshmallows, cereals, muesli, muesli bars, chocolate bars, chocolate spread, custard, dried fruits, fresh tofu, veggie mince, pepper, risotto, wholemeal pasta, chilli sauce, dried herbs, Thai curry paste, Indian spice mix, asian noodles, rice paper, cottage cheese, ”Quark”, gnocchi, halloumi cheese, butter, margarine, deep-frozen pizza and other ready meals. I miss you toilet paper. Bye bye cordial, coffee to go, sour cream, creme fraiche, canned coconut milk, maybe we’ll meet again. Farewell free samples, lipstick, conditioner, shampoo, softener, hairspray, washing-up liquid, kitchen foil, q-tips, cotton pads, all-in-one cleaner, make-up wipes, nail polish.

Notice something? I used this stuff everyday before I started my challenge. Suddenly it was not an option anymore and I asked myself how I could replace it. That’s when I realized how much plastic I consumed ”with” my food and everyday items. This is also shown in Plastic Planet, a movie I can highly recommend. I also watched some interesting documentaries about plastic on TV recently. If you want to check them out (available in German only):

„ZDF zoom: Eingeschweißt und abgepackt“, ZDF (27.02.2013)

„Plastik – Alleskönner oder Teufelszeug“, WDR (18.02.2013)

I will post a proper list of links including English ones soon!

Without my homemade lemon cakes I would never get rid of my candy cravings.

Without my homemade lemon cakes I would never get rid of my candy cravings.

I managed to make a lot of the things I’m missing from scratch like chips, various sauces, curry paste, gnocchi and dried herbs. I also use cake to make up for my lack of candy (If you need recipes including vegan or gluten-free versions, let me know… Would love to share recipes) Unfortunately some things are extremely difficult or incredibly time-consuming to make. However, I’m getting better at making my own things and I also found some alternative places to buy certain things. It just takes a bit of effort – I have to plan my meals more in advance, shopping takes a lot longer, the bags I carry are a lot heavier so that sometimes I have to go somewhere twice just to be able to carry everything and ordering food has become increasingly difficult. But aside from that I feel like I’m not only getting used to my new lifestyle, I’m even enjoying it (Apart from the fact that I still don’t have any ”real” toilet paper at home). And the sight of my (plastic) rubbish bin, which I haven’t had to empty since I started my project, gives me hope.

Lesson learned: I can get used to this. And also: The world would be a dark place without cake.


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