I’m always happy when people tell me that they are just as sick of the way plastic is just given out for free as me. This weekend I heard about two really promising projects, which I wanna tell you more about:

”Plastikfasten” in Bonn

My dad sent me a picture of a flyer he spotted in a shop in Bonn. http://plastiktü, a network of people based in Bonn, wants to convince customers that they should go without plastic bags for 40 days.  On the flyer they give you some interesting facts (For example that the production of one bag of plastic requires 40 liters of oil, that every German uses 65 bags of plastic in a year and that as there are about 80 million Germans, that makes 5.2 billion bags a year.) The project wants to initiate a discussion about the use of plastic bags, which it puts into effect by providing a platform on facebook where everyone can share their experience. So check it out (or try it out yourself)!



”Unpackaged” in London

The other thing I learned about was a shop in London called ”Unpackaged’‘. They are an organic refill shop where you can bring your own containers. I wish I still lived in London, then my experiment wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard as it is here (Although I would be a lot busier refusing all the free bags that get thrown at you).  When I checked out their website I just couldn’t believe my eyes: They pretty much sell everything I’m badly missing at the moment: all kinds of fruit and veg, coffee and tea, oils, wine, spirits, toiletries, cleaning products and cheese and dairy products. But as my city is not exactly known for being one of the most progressive cities in Europe, I guess I still have to wait for a similar thing here. The only thing I know of in this area is a chain called ”Vom Fass” that specializes in selling oil, vinegar, spirits and wine from kegs.

So I’m quite happy to see that there seems to be a certain level of awareness at the moment (I’m also thinking of the many documentaries on TV at the moment and the youtube clip “You will not believe your eyes” going viral) . If you want to increase it and make more people aware of it, talk about it!!!

Lesson learned: Spread the idea!


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