The tissue issue

Or: Things that rhyme might sound less serious, but are worth a thought, too!

I’ve been quite a busy bee this week, so it took me a bit longer this time to write a new post. I haven’t stopped being plastic-observant though, so while I socialized and cooked with my friends I came across another thing that bugged me – paper napkins, tissues and kitchen roll. Wherever you go, it comes in plastic. So what to do?

  • I’ve never used kitchen roll, so that’s an easy one. If I had used it before though, I would have just ditched it. I don’t think there is any use for kitchen roll if you have a sponge and a tea towel. It’s probably one of the most unnecessary items to buy.
  • The tissue problem is relatively easy to solve as well. I can still buy tissues in cardboard boxes (dm’s recycling brand is 100% plastic free for example). If I want to take tissues with me, I just put them in my pockets or in my ”TaTüTa” (= tissue bag, German: ”Taschentüchertasche”), a ridiculous sounding but useful thing I made myself a little while ago. It’s incredibly easy to make (you can use fabric from old clothes for example) and it looks quite pretty as well. If you want to give this a try and get creative, check out the great tutorial here.

    A ''TaTüTa''

    A ”TaTüTa”

  • However, while reducing the amount of plastic waste, I also started to pay attention to other things I might ”overdo” like cardboard and paper. So I think cotton tissues and napkins, things generations of men and women in my family happily used, will be my long-term solution. I actually started wondering: When exactly did everyone start to ditch cotton tissues? And why? When I was a child every man seemed to have them in their pockets. So I’m gonna start making loads of them tomorrow. And just to celebrate the idea of recycling, I will use my man’s old t-shirts. He doesn’t know about this yet 🙂

Lesson learned: Re-usability increases street credibility!



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