Pass it on…

… or what to do with old plastic bags – part 1

Every time I go to the supermarket, I’m getting a bit angrier. Not only because of the amount of packaging in the shelves, but also because of the fact that it is so easy and so cheap to leave the supermarket with a dozen plastic bags no one really needs. That way I had ended up with about 50 plastic bags under my sink before I started my plastic detox.

My ''leftovers'' from B.P. (=before plastic)

My ”leftovers” from B.P. (=before plastic)

So last time I went there I decided to take lots of my old plastic bags with me, which I could give to other people in the queue that might otherwise use one of the bags from the supermarket. That way they can re-use my old bags and hopefully do the same next time. The first person I offered my bag gave me a weird look, then smiled and then told me it was very friendly of me, but not necessary. I really had to talk her into using my old bag and she still seemed a bit suspicious even after she had taken it eventually.

So I’m still contemplating if I’ve got the energy to do this every time I do a bit of shopping. But maybe someone wants to spend a day in front of the supermarket with me and give out old plastic bags to people so that they can re-use them and spread the idea of re-using things?

Lesson learned: Still lots of useless plastic in my house.



  1. Upcycling!! 😀 Why not make Plarn (plastic yarn) out of it? With your imagination, everything is possible… you could knit a little wallet and put an Euro in for every saved plastic bag

      1. ooops, spoiler alert 😀 but what exactly you’re going to do with it is still a surprise! i’m curious and promise to wait patiently…

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