… or how I accidentally bought plastic again

It’s been more than four weeks now and going plastic-free seems to come more natural to me. I know where to go to get certain things, how to avoid packaging and how to find or make my own alternatives. So it surprised me even more that after four weeks of being plastic-free I suddenly had to throw a piece of plastic into my bin again.

This is how the story begins: I was craving cheese really badly, but I had too little time to go to my favourite Italian deli, where the owner always happily puts the cheese in my take-away container. I also had too little time to go to the organic supermarket. And there was no market on near my place either. So I headed to the nearest supermarket, a place where I have left quite a bit of money since I moved here. This is mainly due to my laziness, as it’s literally next door.

Nowadays I can’t buy many things there anymore because they are nuts about plastic packaging. They do have a deli counter though, so I thought I would take my take-away container there and give it a try. For the first time in a while I got a negative reaction when I explained my idea. The guy behind the counter just thought it was crazy. I tried to explain and explain and explain, but he couldn’t see the point why anyone would care about packaging. He told me that if he put the cheese in my container, the people at the cash desk would have to open it again. I was like: Yeah, that’s fine. I’ve got no problem with that. But he just shook his head and said this was impossible, this would cause delays for the other people in the queue.

Then he asked me why I was so worried about the whole thing, their packaging would simply consist of a layer of wax paper and a paper bag. I was surprised, as I couldn’t remember that from my old consumer days. I could only remember those paper-plastic-mix things they used to wrap it in. So I asked him twice if it was real wax paper (which I haven’t seen since I was a child) and he confirmed it was. I was tired, let him wrap my cheese and went home. And guess what…? The so-called wax paper is fake wax paper consisting of paper and a glued layer of plastic foil.

The so-called wax paper...

The so-called wax paper…

... and what it actually consists of...

… and what it really consists of…

I know now, laziness is not an option for me anymore. I will only buy my cheese from market stalls, small delis and health stores from now on. And as their stuff normally tastes so much better anyway, I will stick to that even after the 40 days.

Lesson learned: I can’t be lazy anymore.



  1. There is a really nice cheese manufature near Zons. If you have a car (or strong legs to use your bike), give it a try. The cheese is made by some women (and only women, thats why they dont have big “bergkäse”-wheels – they are not strong enough – thats what they told us), the stable with the 50 cows is just 30m away from the little shop.
    Hmmm, i found the internetside (, it looks like there are men working as well, mayby they changed their concept.
    I think they would be glad to help you, or just buy a entire cheese! 😉

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