Hungry yet?

A plastic-free food feast

If you don’t know what to eat this weekend, here’s an idea. Last weekend I headed to the local farmer’s market (Düsseldorfers: check out “Rheinischer Bauernmarkt” in Pempelfort) where I bought lots of seasonal veggies like beetroot, parsnip, parsley root, celery root and so on.  I also got some fresh parsley from there. The market sellers always put them in brown paper bags for you, but I just put mine in a cotton bag. I combined my meal with a few things I still had at home, which you can buy without plastic packaging in most shops: artichoke, tomatoes, flour, yeast, garlic, eggs, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, balsamic. So this is what happened to my veggie goodies:

Blogpost 16.03. 1Blogpost 16.03.

I oven-roasted the beetroot with a bit of olive oil, sea salt, rosemary and thyme until it got soft inside and crunchy on the outside. I made an olive bread (You can buy olives in glass jars at Rewe, Netto or Aldi or just get them fresh at the deli counter). I boiled and mashed the parsnip and added some fresh parsley. I cut off the top of the artichoke and filled it with tomato slices, thyme, garlic and put rosemary olive oil on top. I wrapped it in baking paper, put a string around it and left it in the oven for about 90 minutes at 200 degrees heat. When it was done I removed the tomato sugo and used it as a dip for the artichoke and the parsnip puree. It also tastes great on bread. And all this also happens to be vegan.

Last but not least I tried out a veggie schnitzel recipe from Tim Mälzer’s latest book “Greenbox” (the only dish in this meal that contains animal protein) that totally convinced me. I normally don’t like substitute stuff like veggie schnitzels and or sausages. But believe me,  this stuff is divine – I didn’t even like celery root before! I mixed mayo with balsamic and served it as a dip. Turkish ajvar (a spicy or mild pepper and aubergine paste) goes well with it, too. Yummy! You can find an English recipe here.

Blogpost 16.03. 2

A divine dish – celeriac schnitzel!

It took a bit of time to prepare everything (I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen), but it was meant to be a big Saturday meal, so I wasn’t too worried about that. In the end I got a completely plastic-free, seasonal (maybe apart from the tomato), local and almost vegan (If you leave the celery, it’s completely vegan) meal. I can definitely say I’m not too worried about not eating well during my challenge anymore.

Enjoy! Guten Appetit!

mashed parsnip

mashed parsnip


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