How to survive without plastic bottles

Before I went plastic-free, I’d always had a plastic water bottle in my bag. This was due to various people being worried about my wellbeing and reminding me I should drink more water. I have to admit that plastic bottles are quite handy indeed and the bottle itself hardly weighs anything. So going out with a big glass bottle of water didn’t seem like a good alternative.

What to do?

In the end, the solution was pretty easy again. As you don’t find any small glass bottles in ordinary supermarkets anymore, I went to my favourite organic supermarket and bought a 0.33 liter glass bottle of lemonade (in fact “Lemonaid”). I always refill it now. Simple! The little bit of extra weight in my bag doesn’t really bother me. There were some empty glass bottles advertised in the shop as refillable bottles, but they were about five times as expensive as they were designed to look pretty. As I don’t need pretty but handy, my little glass bottle is enough for me at the moment.






  1. Why dont you use an aluminium bottle? Unbreakable, not as heavy as glas and only the cap is made of plastic…. You can use them your whole life 😉
    I had one when i was a child, an old aluminium beer bottle “Fliegerbier” with great design (Zeppelin)… Now i have one from the olympic games in canada 🙂

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