The conclusion

What happened?

I spent 40 days without plastic packaging. It was challenging, it was frustrating at times, but I managed. I got a ton of interesting e-mails, comments and had I lots of vivid discussions with people in my neighbourhood, friends, visitors and followers from all over the world. I spent the last weeks in the U.S. and just came back a little while ago, that’s why my recent posts were rather irregular (In fact I published some older posts I had written a while ago without putting them online).

I will give you an update about how the whole plastic thing worked in the U.S. in my next post. Before you say that a flight to the U.S. probably made my carbon footprint look worse than my plastic project would have ever made it better, well, this is right. The flight was booked before I even had the idea to go plastic-free and after all flying and saving unnecessary packaging is still better than flying and NOT saving unnecessary packaging, right? And when it comes down to that whole “not being a 100% consistent” thing, this is also one of my main conclusions after 40 days:

Every little helps!

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about saving that one plastic bag you wouldn’t have needed anyway, to pay attention to what you consume and learn about how your lifestyle affects the environment and others. During the last six weeks I became a lot more aware of my behavior as a consumer and knowing why and how I consumed things. Even though I did my best to literally avoid all plastic packaging (and reducing other packaging materials as well), I know it’s unrealistic to cut out all plastic from my life for the rest of my time. What I will continue doing, however, is reducing plastic packaging and packaging in general – cause this is what I learned in the last six weeks.

Nobody needs that much crap. Seen in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NYC

Nobody needs that much crap. Seen in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NYC


Easy one!

Easy one!

In the end it comes down to things that have proven to be easy and effective at the same time: Always looking for more eco-friendly alternatives, always using my canvas/cotton bag for shopping, re-using old plastic bags, buying loose instead of packaged veggies and fruits, buying fresh, unpackaged and regional things from the market, using soap bars instead of liquid soap and shower gel, using cotton tissues and napkins, avoiding bottled water and just consuming less in general. Those measures will definitely stick. They are so easy to integrate into my daily life and yet make a huge difference.

Things that turned out to be too hard to stick to:

Seen in the U.S.

Seen in the U.S.

A few (but important items): Living without toilet paper and living without certain packaged foods that otherwise wouldn’t be available for me anymore.

What’s becoming of this blog?

It will continue – not that much as a “challenge blog” though anymore (Nevertheless a post about my experience in the U.S. is still following, so don’t take me by the word). Inglorious plastics will be centered around packaging (and not only plastic, but packaging in general) on a more general level. I want to keep you updated about interesting ideas, projects and easy and effective ways to recycle things (DIY will be a big topic, too). And of course I would be happy to continue discussing packaging issues.

So I hope you stay tuned 🙂

P.S. What do you think about this conclusion?


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