A fresh start

New season, new ideas

Hello spring...

Hello spring…

The novelty has run off a bit, the 40-day-challenge is over and I started posting articles less frequently. So why should I continue this blog? And why should you read it? Well, first of all: Your positive feedback is a great motivation for me to keep on dealing with the entire plastic and packaging subject – and to write about it. Second, I would love to share my newly gained experience in recycling, re-using and upcycling with you.

Since I started Inglouriousplastics I have found more and more interesting recycling and upcycling ideas. During the challenge I had to be extremely creative as there were so many things I had to avoid. I think this must have triggered something. So I came up with a new plan for Ingloriousplastics – why not turn it into “Gloriousplastics” and focus more on how you can turn useless packaging into useful things? I will of course still continue avoiding unnecessary packaging, but the reality and the conclusion of my 40 days without plastic is: You just can’t always avoid packaging. I still try to buy as little packaged stuff as possible, in fact the first few days a.p. (after plastic-diet) I almost sticked to the habits I took up within the 40 days and hardly bought any plastic, but as time passes I notice it’s definitely getting more again. So I try to re-use, recycle and upcycle as much as possible. Therefore another conclusion could be: Don’t throw it away, turn it into something useful! Et voilà, here’s how that went:

Getting started – DIY greenhouse made from old fruit and veg containers

The story behind: I wanted to buy grapes, but they all came in plastic boxes. Knowing you can’t buy loose grapes anywhere around here, I grabbed a container although my bad conscience kicked it. What a coincidence I had just decided to set up a little veggie and

herb garden on my balcony and I was still in desperate need for plant pots, but didn’t feel happy about buying plastic plant pots. The solution: I used the grape container as a plant pot, filled it up with soil and planted rosemary seeds. And here’s my grape-container-greenhouse:

Hello greenhouse...

Hello greenhouse…

Good night, greenhouse...

Good night, greenhouse…

Fruit and veg containers are perfect for turning them into plant pots, as they have holes for the water to go through at the bottom. And the lid of the grape containers serves as a greenhouse roof which protects the seeds from the lovely little birds behind my house that love to eat them. After that I filled up more old veggie containers with soil and planted more things. You can also use old tins (Just put some holes in them so that the water can go through).

So try it out yourself – or follow my updates about the veggie garden and see if it works (This is a first time for me). Next Thursday a new DIY idea/plastic upcycling idea will follow. See you then and enjoy spring time (or autumn on the other side of the world)!


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