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How you can turn yourself into a fridge magnet (not kidding) and why foodsharing is an awesome idea

Today I’ve got to ideas I want to share with you. The first one has to do with food (or drink) packaging, the second one with food itself. So, let’s get started: Have you ever wondered what to do with old crown caps? Ever since I swapped non-reusable plastic bottles for re-usable glass bottles, I have been collecting crown caps. I just thought they were kind of pretty and I felt like there was still stuff I could do with them. A friend of mine used to collect crown caps from all over the world and used them to create a pretty unique surface for a table. He put a glass platter on his masterpiece and whenever guests came to visit him they admired this unique piece of furniture.

Creep out your friends with DIY fridge magnets made of crown caps

As I haven’t collected enough crown caps for it yet, I have to postpone this project to a later date. Instead I used old crown caps to turn myself into a fridge magnet. Sounds crazy? It is. (By the way, I hope my humor translates into English) But I definitely got a few good laughs from my friends when they saw how I turned a group picture of us into several individual fridge magnets showing only our faces. Now my dear friends Chris and Selina, who also happen to be great bloggers (check out Chriscovery and Fräulein Schön macht schöne Sachen), even started collecting them for me so that I could do more. This is what you need for it:

magnets (from DIY shops), scissors, glue, old crown caps

old crown caps, magnets (from DIY shops), glue, pictures, scissors

It’s ridicoulously easy. Glue the magnet the back of the crown cap, let it dry for 15-20 minutes.


Then cut out a picture of your choice and glue it to the front of the crown cap. You can also do that first, it doesn’t really matter which step you do first, as long as you let the glue dry for a while.


Et voilà, you’re done. It makes a great individual present for your friends or parents.

Guess who's this...

Guess who’s this…

Go share economy! How to share food online

Another thing I came across a little while ago was foodsharing. It’s as easy as the DIY fridge magnets: Sign up on foodsharing, upload a little description of what sort of food you offer and where people can pick it up or browse their database for food you can pick up from other people. After that all you have to do is wait for someone to contact you and pick it up (or pick it up yourself). It’s a great idea for everyone that has food left they don’t want to or can’t eat for some reason, for example when you go on holidays and you don’t have a neighbour you can give the food in your fridge to. It happens too many times that we throw out food that is still perfectly fine just because we are lazy and spoiled. If you’ve got something at home you know you will never end up eating (Like the alcohol filled chocolates I always get from certain people), why don’t you give it to someone that would really appreciate it? The foodsharing website I linked is based in Germany. I found a similar thing for the U.S. callled food swap network and I bet there is similar stuff for other countries. If you do find similar projects in your country, I would appreciate it if you comment on this post and send me the link.


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