Goodbye refillable jugs

EU plans to ban refillable olive oil jugs

Last week’s headline: In an alleged effort to ”protect“ consumers that might otherwise suffer from mislabeled minor quality olive oil the European Commission plans to ban refillable olive oil jugs/bottles in restaurants. From next year on there will only be individually packaged miniature bottles on restaurant’s tables. There are no measures planned for vinegar or other condiments.

In my opinion this decision will not only inevitably lead to more trash, but also to more food waste, as the contents of these bottles would have to be thrown out if people didn’t use them up. On top of that it’s a law small producers of olive oil will most likely suffer from the most as they aren’t exactly known for producing travel-size bottles.


So far nobody can foresee what’s going to happen. Are restaurants gonna ignore it? How are customres going to react? And how much additional unnecessary packaging and food waste will we end up with because of this law? So what’s your opinion on that? What are you gonna do when you go out for dinner next year? Let me know.

For more information on this topic read the BBC’s article on their website or the (German) article on P.S. Read the comments under the Süddeutsche article!



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