Getting creative with candy wrappers and cereal boxes

DIY candy wrapper bookmarks

For a long time I did something that might not sound too unusual to some of you – I threw old candy wrappers out. They didn’t have any value to me and I never even wondered what else you could do with them. But then things changed: I didn’t want to buy candy anymore because of the amount of unnecessary packaging that comes with individually wrapped chocolates, lollies and so on. So it was goodbye candy.

When I was in New York and my project of avoiding plastic altogether had just come to an end, however, I gave in to my candy cravings for a day. I ended up with lots of unnecessary, but to some extend interesting looking candy wrappers. I wondered what I could do with them and started looking for ideas online. It took me a bit of time (and a few crazy moments) until I actually googled “what to do with old candy wrappers”. And this is the story of how I managed to eat and craft at the same time and got the idea to blog about DIY candy wrapper bookmarks.

Through Trash Backwards I found a tutorial for cereal box bookmarks on myplumpudding that inspired me. However, I decided I would develop this fantastic idea a bit further, as I happened to find cereal wrapper bookmarks on Etsy (discovered this recently thanks to this interesting blog.) So I cut out a bookmark from an old cardboard box (It doesen’t have to be an old cereal box, it can be any kind of old cardboard) and glued the candy wrapper around it. And that was all I did. It took me five minutes, apart from the tiny bit of glue I used it didn’t cost me anything and my friends got a pretty unique souvenir from The States.

P1080454 P1080453


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