Getting creative with old plastic bags

DIY plastic bag book covers and postcards

Can you remember my old post about ironing plastic bags? Ironing plastic bags turns them into a wax-like, hard material you can even sew together with your sewing machine. Here are two examples of what I did with my unique plastic bag fabric: I turned one plastic bag (which I got from a candy shop in Paris a long time ago) into a unique book/note-book cover. I just cut it into shape, put a bit of glue on the note-book, wrapped the plastic fabric around it and let the note-book dry for five minutes. It helps when you put something heavy on it. I gave DIY note-book to a friend as a birthday present the same day.

a unique DIY plastic bag bookcover

a unique DIY plastic bag book cover


DIY plastic bag postcard

Another interesting looking bag from an Indian shop got turned into an XXL postcard for two of my friends who were having a housewarming party that weekend. I just cut out a postcard from an old carton, cut the plastic fabric into shape and glued everything together. Pretty easy, isn’t it?


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