A trashy business

DIY milk carton business cards

For a long time I’ve been wanting to get myself some DIY business cards for my blog, but there were so many other crafty projects that I kept on postponing it. When I saw manumanies fantastic post about DIY business cards that included a QR code, my motivation got revived quickly. I couldn’t wait to hold a card for ingloriousplastics in my hands.

My first idea was to use old cardboard for them and put a collage consisting of interesting pictures from old magazines on the back side. Holding an empty tetra pack of rice milk (something you don’t get in re-usable bottles unfortunately) in my hand suddenly made me think: Why not do something with that? And then I decided to turn the old tetra packs into business cards for inglorious plastics – and with trash being my main material for this crafty project, my DIY business cards couldn’t be more perfectly themed.

First I printed out a whole bunch of QR codes from the QR code generator website fellow blogger manumanie had recommended (Thanks a lot for the inspiration again!) . It’s really easy: All you have to do is put in your blog’s or website’s address and you get a code that directs people to it. I tested it, and it worked. Then I cut out the different QR codes.


After that I printed out my blog’s address (for all those who don’t have a smart phone) and cut it out, too. I used the back page of a misprinted page.


Then I cut out ”business cards” from my old tetra pack. Make sure you clean it thoroughly, otherwise it gets a bit yucky. You can use another business card as a sample for the right shape (which I didn’t do, I don’t mind if it doesn’t look perfect.). And of course there are certain cartons that look prettier than others. I was lucky enough to find an old sangria carton that looked pretty awesome.


Then I glued the cut out QR code and my blog’s address to the carton.


This is one example of a business card:





I experimented a bit and found out that it looks better to have the QR code on the silver side and the address on the front. So here are my prettiest DIY business cards:




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