Sad stories and brilliant ideas

Plastic in the deep sea and new solutions to the oceans’ plastic dilemma – a collection of interesting links

I did a bit of reading (and watching clips) last weekend, so as Mondays in the office tend to be long and dull, here’s something to read and watch for your coffee break.

My first find deals with a topic that comes up on ingloriousplastics regularly: Our oceans are full of plastic. Tell me something I don’t know? Well, the plastic has not only found its way to visible spots, but also to the deep sea, meaning up to 4000 meters deep. I spotted a post on that shows the degree of damage in a four-minute long clip (which is in English). You can also watch the video on YouTube. By the way, 32 percent of the waste found in the deep sea were plastic bags. But see for yourself.

I know, this is heavy stuff for a Monday morning. To cheer you up a bit again, you should read about two interesting projects from the country known for innovation – the Netherlands. A Dutch highschool student came up with a brilliant invention that would help getting rid of the plastic in our oceans: The oceans can actually clean themselves. Watch him on YouTube or read this article on Wirtschaftswoche Green (in German). I hope he can put his idea into action.

Another approach that would help clean the oceans: The initiative ”Healthy seas” wants to retrieve fishing nets from the sea and turn them into socks. The recycled socks would be produced – guess where? – in the Netherlands. Read more about on Wirtschaftswoche Green (in German) or here.

What can be done in the meantime? One ridiculously easy thing all of us can do: Refuse new plastic bags and re-use old ones instead. Just put one in every handbag, shopping bag, pocket or in your car and you won’t ever need a new plastic bag – especially as they are meant to last for eternity (not so funny, actually).

Blogpost 08.03. - The ''leftover'' bag

Hope I could get you some inspiration for the new week!


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