Plunder the trees, urban pirates!

mundraub – harvesting the cities’ trees and plants

Last year I walked along the train tracks with my husband and we were overwhelmed by the amount of blackberry bushes we saw. You tend to forget nature around you quite easily when you live in a big city. So we started harvesting the blackberries over the next few days (we ignored the berries at the bottom though due to warnings of fox-tapeworms in Germany), using them for smoothies and we felt proud like we had just achieved something we had never even known before: independence from supermarkets and grocers.

Unfortunately the blackberry bushes and our balcony garden remained our only truly successful harvesting sources and very soon the blackberry season was over. But thanks to a website called we know where to look for more fruits, vegetables and herbs in our area. On their website everyone can pin and look up harvesting spots. At the beginning there were only listings of trees and bushes in Germany, but now you already find spots in France, Finland or the UK – participation is free. Talking about free things, „free“ is definitely the keyword here: Urban fruits are plastic-free, packaging-free and free in general!

A balcony garden is only one idea.

A balcony garden is only one idea.

Find out more on I love the idea!

One of my buddies from Marrakech. He loves the idea, too.

One of my buddies from Marrakech. He loves the idea, too.

By the way, I would have loved to show you similar websites from other countries (I bet there must be something similar in the US, the UK or in Australia). So if you know any, please post them in the comment section. Thanks.


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