The collage issue

From scrapbooks to DIY envelopes – What to do with old magazines

I admit: Magazines are one of my guilty pleasures, I just can’t live without them. And although I try not to buy too many of them, I always end up with some. In the past my re-use/recycling ideas for magazines were rather simple: I gave them to friends or family, I used pretty pages as gift wrapping paper and I cut out my favourite pictures and inspiring articles to put them in my scrapbook, which I call my ”book of ideas”.


my scrapbook

But thanks to my fellow DIY bloggers, I found a whole bunch of other ideas that helped me to slowly reduce my stack of old magazines. So I turned my old magazines into something truly useful, something I need quite frequently – envelopes. I found a useful link for DIY envelopes here. and adapted it to my needs (I folded the pages differently, but I guess that’s up to you):


DIY magazine envelope

And that’s what got me started. Other projects followed quickly after that: A little while ago I found two old cupboards on the street that were still perfectly fine, but a bit ugly. So I cut out a whole bunch of interesting pictures and transformed the old cupboards into unique items of furniture. And this is how they look now:

upcycling an old cupboard

upcycling an old cupboard

But the coolest thing is still waiting: I want to turn a whole bunch of old magazines into book shelves and seats. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this!

So here’s a plan what to do with your stack of old magazines. Maybe you’ll find some time to get creative, too. Have a great week!


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