A packaging-free treat

Rhubarb dessert

Before this year’s rhubarb season is getting to an end, I stocked up on rhubarb and turned it into yummy rhubarb dessert. My friend Chriscovery recommended this recipe to me, which I adapted to my needs.

I had half 750 grams of rhubarb. After I had washed and peeled it I added 160 grams of brown sugar and half a teaspoon of ground vanilla (alternatively deduct 20 grams from the sugar and add two small packs of vanilla sugar). I let everything sit for about an hour, that sucks all the water out of the rhubarb.

After that I boiled it for about five minutes until the rhubarb got all mushy and soft. I added a tiny bit of cinnamon at the end. I filled it in an old martini glass. Et voilà, a cheap, hassle-free, plastic-free dessert in a martini glass:

rhubarb compote

rhubarb dessert

P.S. The rhubarb compote lasts in the fridge for about a week. Try eating it with cake or stirring it into muesli. Yum!


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