Getting creative with scrap wood

DIY scrap wood postcards

I often find useful things that were left on the streets for garbage removal. A little while ago someone put a whole bunch of wooden panels outside and I just couldn’t resist. I like unusual gifts, so I turned the wooden panels into DIY scrap wood postcards.

I glued old fabric to it, glued a pretty postcard (I re-used an Einstein postcard someone sent to me a while ago. That way you can re-use a postcard) on top of the fabric and glued a personal message to the back. There are millions of variations to this. All you need is fabric, a postcard, a scrap of paper, a pen, scissors and glue. What you’ve got is a free gift, a creative DIY postcard and the good feeling that you saved something from being thrown out rather than producing more waste.

A RELATIVEly unusual postcard

A RELATIVEly unusual postcard

By the way: This might just be the heaviest postcard the world has ever seen, so don’t try throwing it in the mail 🙂


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