Supper is ready!

Magic Garden Supper Club – My very first supper club experience

On Saturday I spent my night sharing food and thoughts with strangers. Sounds dodgy? A visit to Magic Garden Supper Club in Düsseldorf will prove you wrong.

I’ve been wanting to participate in a supper club dinner for a long time, but I could never quite figure out who to ask or where to go. Then I stumbled upon an article that mentioned a supper club in my home city – and so I went.

I shared the table with a fellow food lover who told me that supper clubs came from Cuba originally. I was amazed by how much she knew about the topic (for all those of you who speak German, check out her lovely blog Genussgier  and her article about supper clubs in and around Düsseldorf – extremely useful!). The way I interpret it the idea is simple, but genius: You’ve got an underground restaurant and a whole bunch of curious, open-minded people who share a meal together  – and by saying “sharing” I don’t mean they literally share what’s on the plate, but share the experience and get to know each other.

And this is what I loved about my Magic Garden experience the most: Enjoying an outstanding meal in quite an unusual location and intimate atmosphere and getting to know a lot of interesting people. I knew everyone would be a bit shy at the beginning of the night, but it seemed that once we  sat down there was so much to talk about – Food, food, food, interesting ideas and did I mention food?! – that it was really easy to relax and just enjoy the unusual experience. Needless to say the food – a four course vegan menu accompanied by a fine selection of vegan wine – was amazing. I don’t want to tell you too much about the location, as I think part of the appeal is the surprise moment when you enter the location for the first time, so see for yourself. I can only say: Thank you for a fantastic night! And as Arnie would say: I’ll be back (imaginary German accent)!

Entree: basil soup and bruschetta

Entrée: basil soup and bruschetta

My favourite course: black lentils on a creme of zucchini with champignon salad and beetroot jus. Heavenly!

My favourite course: black lentils on a creme of zucchini with mushroom salad and beetroot jus. Heavenly!


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