Yet another packaging-free treat

Date cashew hazelnut balls with coconut

Whenever I buy sweet stuff, the amount of unnecessary packaging that comes with it annoys me. So I started buying dried fruits and nuts instead, which you can buy loose.  It seemed like a cheap, quick and easy fix. The only problem: I was still craving “real” candy. My solution: Making my own little pralines – date cashew hazelnut balls with coconut sprinkles.  After going through a lot of different recipes I came up with my own little creation:

(for about 20 date cashew hazelnut balls)

200g of dates

150g of cashews (unsalted)

50g of hazelnuts

1 tsp of brown sugar

5 tsp of coconut sprinkles

4 TS of water

2 tsp of dark chocolate sprinkles (optional)

First I soaked the cashews and hazelnuts in a bit of water.

After half an hour I dried them and together with the dates I chopped them as finely as possible (You can also use a food processor for that). I added a teaspoon of brown sugar, 4 teaspoons of coconut sprinkles and 4 tablespoons of water.

Then I put everything in a blender until I got all mushy and soft. I added two teaspoons of dark chocolate sprinkles at the very end (don’t blend them).

After that I formed little cashew date hazelnut balls (make your hands wet, then the mixture doesn’t stick to them) and sprinkled another teaspoon of coconut sprinkles over them.

Et voilà, my sweet tooth is satisfied after all:



By the way, this is where having old jars at home comes in handy again – I re-use them as candy containers.


re-using old glass jars for candy



  1. Oh… das klingt superlecker. Eine ähnliche Leckerei gibt es in unserem Bioladen – eine Tüte mit 100g kostet 2,50 EUR! Und das sind nur 6 oder 7 Bällchen… da klingt das von Dir viel besser!

    1. Danke für das Kompliment 🙂 Die Bällchen sind auch echt super schnell gemacht und halten sich im Kühlschrank mehrere Wochen. Ich bewahre immer ein paar in einem Einmachglas auf. Liebe Grüße, Eva

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