Recycling glass bottles – A smooth (ie) idea for the summer

Of empty passata bottles, leftover salads and cold green smoothies for hot summer days

I <3 Düsseldorf summers

I ❤ summer

artwork by my hubbie

summer artwork 🙂

And another day at Lörick beach in Düsseldorf...

And another day at Lörick beach in Düsseldorf…

After I spending my last weeks chilling outside, it’s time to get back to Ingloriousplastics and share some of my recycling ideas. As it was pretty hot outside, I didn’t actually cook much. Quite often I just created some sort of mish-mash summer-y dish with tomato passata. That’s how I ended up with a whole bunch of tomato passata bottles. In an earlier post I described how I filled up the bottles with homemade lemonade, but as my fridge was full of leftover veggies, I decided to make my first green smoothie.

I had tried them in New York before and until last week I wasn’t all that convinced green smoothies would ever reach top of my yummy drinks list. (The ones in NY tasted pretty much just like cucumber and spinach to me. No spices, no sugars, no reason to get excited…) But I found out it’s all about a good balance of fruit (which should make up 80% of the drink) and veg (which should make up 20% of the drink) and then your homemade green smoothie doesn’t taste like liquid salad. To cut a long story short, here’s my recipe:

1 squeezed orange

1/2 squeezed lemon

1 banana

250g (a small box) of blueberries (alternatively you can use other berries, too)

1 avocado

a handful of spinach or other green, leafy salad

a 1/4 of a normal sized cucumber (about a small handful)

6-8 leaves of fresh mint

1/2 liter of tap water

optional: agave juice or stevia to sweeten your smoothie

Blend everything together, fill it in an old tomato passata bottle and put it in the fridge. The homemade green smoothie can be kept there for about five days. The best thing about this is that you cannot only re-use old bottles, enjoy a super refreshing summer drink and get a ridiculous amount of vitamines in one shot, but also find a way to use up veggies that are about to go bad. That way you don’t have to worry what to do with the last bit of cucumber, the last handful of salad etc. Try and experiment with other fruits and veggies, it works!

homemade green smoothie using a recycled passata bottle

homemade green smoothie using a recycled passata bottle

See you next Monday – the official, new Ingloriousplastics day!


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