Re-using old glass jars – Fruity tomato chutney

The perfect easy peasy lunch dip for boring days in the office – A project inspired by Leckerbox’s MittwochsBox #25

How I turned this into a healthy, yummy dip

How I turned this into a healthy, yummy dip


hausgemacht = homemade

Last week I was busy in my parents’ garden harvesting yellow plums, apples and tomatoes. I turned the plums into drunken plum jam, made a yummy apple dessert and was left with a bucket full of tomatoes. As they would have gone bad too quickly for me to eat them all, I decided to make my very first tomato chutney. Chutneys or relishes are a great way of preserving veggies and fruits. They last for months and you can be sure you’ve got a product without preservatives, food enhancers and excess packaging. On top of that making your own chutney really is a piece of cake. And as this week’s Mittwochsbox even happens to focus on tomatoes, I’ve got more than one reason to share my recipe with you. The works for a fruity tomato relish:

500 g of tomatoes (shape, colour etc. doesn’t matter)

2 cloves of garlic

1 yellow onion

1 apple

2 small yellow plums

1,5 TS of sunflower oil

120 ml of apple juice

3 TS of white vine vinegar

1 tsp of cumin

1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper

1 chilli pepper

40 g of brown sugar

1 tsp of fresh ginger

salt and pepper

I cut the apples, the onion and the tomatoes in small cubes and chopped the garlic cloves and the fresh ginger finely. I heated up the oil and fried up onions, chilli, apple, garlic, ginger and cumin for about a minute at maximum heat. Then I added the sugar and let everything thicken up for another minute. After that I poured the apple juice and the vinegar over the mixture and added the tomato cubes. I turned down the heat and let everything boil for about 40 minutes. Then I filled up two old glass jars with the chutney, closed the lids and put the jars upside down for about ten minutes. That way the jar is properly sealed and the chutney lasts for quite a while.

You can use the chutney for Indian dishes, as an unusual pasta sauce (It’s quite sweet) or as a dip. If you buy some bread or crackers on the way to work, you’ve got the perfect little office lunch/snack. It definitely spices up your day! Enjoy!

Fruity tomato chutney

Fruity tomato chutney



  1. Hört sich toll an meine Liebe, ich liebe Chutney, habe auch schon Aprikosen und Kirschchutney gemacht dieses Jahr. Toll das du wieder dabei bist, freut mich sehr.
    Liebe Grüße
    Mone 🙂

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