Swapping clothes

A cheap, eco-friendly and fun way to changing your wardrobe

How can seven girls make an appartement look like a department store at the beginning of summer sale? The answer is easy: By having a clothes swap party! It’s probably the best and most fun way to swap your old dresses, shirts and shoes and to get yourself a new wardrobe without hitting the high streets. So my wonderful friend Fräulein Schön volunteered to have her place be run over by a whole bunch of giggly girls (me probably being the most giggly) last weekend.

Some of my goodies

Some of my goodies

As I had already attended three clothes swap parties before, I was deeply honoured to be consired “Dr. Swap”, the official swapping expert at the party. I feel like the best, easiest way to having a clothes swap party is always a low-fuss-approach meaning you don’t keep track of how many items you get back and just donate the “leftover” things nobody wants. Genussgier put together a great list of things where you can donate clothes in Düsseldorf. We just threw our stuff into a big pile of textiles, shared one or another funny story about the history of a dress and let the magic begin 🙂 We turned the bathroom into a changing room and only stopped to enjoy a cocktail or a cakepop from time to time.  I think in the end we mainly wanted to put some old clothes into good use and have a good time. And that’s what we did. Thank you, girls!

Swap Party2

Clothes+cake pops+fruity cocktails = a killer combination


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