This is jam hot… again

Peach jam with coconut and mint – A project inspired by Leckerbox’s MittwochsBox #26


Mixed berry jam, drunken yellow plum jam and fruity tomato chutney – If you follow my blog, you probably know that this year is all about jam for me. This is due to my family providing an never-ending supply of fruits and vegetables from their amazing garden(s). So guess what my contribution to this week’s MittwochsBox (read more about MittwochBox here) is…? Let me give you a hint: It’s sweet, it’s fruity and it fits in a glass jar. OK, I’ll promise I’ll stop doing that. I’m talking serious stuff now: I made peach jam with coconut and mint, probably the most extravagant “spread” I’ve ever made – filled as usual in old glass jars which I re-used for this purpose. Here are the works for four glasses of jam:

1 kg of peaches

500 g of jam sugar (It always depends on the brand, so check the label to make sure you use the right amount)

a good handful of Moroccan mint leaves

4-6 TS of coconut sprinkles

The preparation is as simple as usual: I washed the peaches, removed the pips and cut them into small cubes. I put them in a saucepan together with the mint and coconut and carefully blended everything. Then I added the jam sugar, turned up the heat of the cooker to a maximum and let everything boil for about five minutes. I immediately filled everything into the jam glasses (make sure they’re clean, you might want to boil them in hot water to sterilize them) and put them upside down for 5 minutes. The jam takes a few hours to harden up.

Pear jam with coconut and mint

Peach jam with coconut and mint

Et voilá, I got myself a really unusual bread spread. If you decorate the jam glass (This time I cut out old newspaper ads with peaches), you’ve got a pretty unique gift as well.



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