Drying fruits

… and yet another plastic-free idea from my dad’s kitchen

Drowning fruit in rum – In my last post I told you about my dad’s latest method of preservation. What I forgot to mention was: He also likes to dry some of the peaches, apples and grapes from his garden. The result: Thanks to his generosity I’ve got a yummy, healthy and plastic-free snack at home now, too.

What to do with too much fruit?

What to do with too much fruit? pic: courtesy of Jürgen Gilljohann

If you want to dry fruit at home, all you need is a knife and oven. A dehydrator is of course a great thing to have, but you can also do without.  Just cut peaches or apples in thin slices (you don’t have to do anything with the grapes), put them on a baking tray, put the tray in the middle of the oven and set the temperature as low as possible. If you want to follow the “raw food 40 degree rule” (read more about it here or in this older post about my own raw food experiment), then chuck an oven glove or a thick towel between the oven door.

Just wait for the fruit to shrink a bit (depending on how big the slices are, your favourite level of “dry” and the oven temperature it can take anything from two to six or eight hours) and try if they’re dry enough. Otherwise turn them around and leave them in the fridge a bit longer.

The result: A plastic-free, super-healthy snack! Re-use an old glass jar to store your dried fruit. It’s also a great way of using up any kind of leftover fruit – pineapple for example.

dried fruit


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