My personal plant feast

What I ate Wednesday – My very first contribution to Vegan Wednesday

Hungry yet? Maybe these pics will give you a bit of inspiration. The reason why I’m suddenly putting photos of my meals online is called “Vegan Wednesday”, an interesting German blogging project I stumbled upon a while ago. The movement’s aim is to show the variety of vegan food and to draw attention to the fact that a plant-based diet is anything but boring – all by posting pictures of delicious-looking meals.


And what can I say?  They’re absolutely right. But see for yourself, my Wednesday meals in pics:


Vegan French toast with banana peanut butter filling and plums

For breakfast I treated myself to a food feast inspired by Attila Hildmann’s “Berlin Toast”: Vegan French Toast. Instead of cashew spread I used peanut butter. I also added plums simply because I’ve still got too many of them.

homemade muesli bar with banana, raisins, almonds and chocolate sprinkles

homemade muesli bar

As I usually have a late and rather big breakfast, I never really eat much for lunch. So I just had a homemade muesli bar with banana, raisins, oats, almonds and chocolate sprinkles. I found a really nice basic recipe for them here.

Veggie pasta

Veggie pasta

And last but not least: A very simple, but yet mouth-watering dish for dinner – wholemeal pasta with homemade tomato sugo, garlic, chili, black olives, rocket and a tiny bit of walnut. Yum!


For dessert I had one of my homemade cashew hazelnut pralinés with coconut.

I haven’t seen anything like the Vegan Wednesday project in the English-speaking world yet. Have you? If you know of similar initiatives, send me the link in a comment. I would love to check that out.



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