Five documentaries you should check out

Another project inspired by Ohhh…Mhhh…’s Frage-Foto-Freitag (question-photo-Friday -> read more about how it works here)

The parks are deserted, the beergardens are closing and it’s undoubtedly getting colder outside – at least on this side of the world. We all know: There’s no better place to spend a rainy day than on the couch watching crap. Good news: You can still keep your brain working – by watching some of these really kick-ass, mind-blowing, eye-opening documentaries. I have watched all of the following movies except the first and I will definitely watch them again this fall. And so should you. They’re worth it. I hope. See for yourself, these are the documentaries that make me talk like madwoman. I tried to use pictures to represent them following the “Frage-Foto-Freitag’s” guidelines.

Bottled Life – Telling you all about the business behind bottled water

Bottled Life

Plastic Planet – One of the reasons why I started ingloriousplastics. You can watch (in German) it on the website of ZDF Mediathek.


Taste the Waste – An inspiring movie that makes you think about what we throw away

Taste the WasteFood Inc. – Makes you wonder what you eat everyday

Food Inc.

Forks over Knives – Makes you think about the above mentioned once again

Forks over knives

So what’s your opinion? Anything missing on my list? Let me know, would love to find out more!



  1. You should also watch planned obsolescence! Its about how the industry intentionally contributes to waste load. Sad face – in many ways disturbing.

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