The tale of a smashing pumpkin (curry)

Spicy Hokkaido pumpkin curry with sweet potato and chickpeas – A project inspired by Leckerbox’s MittwochsBox #27


Question of the season: What looks great on your window ledge and in a curry? Obviously pumpkin! Ever since I discovered my love for this vegetable, I’ve been trying to find new ways of cooking with it. As I happened to feel like having some Indian curry today, I decided to combine my to foodie passions: Making curry and cooking with pumpkins. It’s a quick, easy recipe that doesn’t require much attention and it’s almost plastic free. So here’s what I used (the recipe serves 4):

1/2 Hokkaido pumpkin

1 small sweet potato

1 red onion

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp of fresh ginger

1 chilli

4-5 big tomatoes (alternatively jarred tomatoes)

1 jar of pre-cooked chickpeas (from the Turkish supermarket)

2 TS of peanut oil

100 – 200 ml of water (depends on how thick you want your curry)

1 tsp of cumin

1/2 tsp of green cardamom seeds

1/2 tsp of brown cardamom seeds

1 tsp of cloves

1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of curry powder


black pepper

the juice of 1/2 lemon

a handful of fresh coriander

a bit of soy yoghurt


First I peeled the sweet potato and the pumpkin. Then I chopped them into cubes and cut garlic, ginger, onion and chilli finely. I chopped the tomatoes into cubes and mashed them up with a blender so that I got a kind of tomato puree (Don’t blend it too much). I heated up the peanut oil in a big pot, added the garlic, ginger, onion and chilli and stirred it for a few seconds. After that I added the spices, the pumpkin and the sweet potato cubes and mixed it together for about a minute. Then I poured the tomato over it, added a bit of water (optional, if you like your curry thicker you don’t need that) and let everything boil on low heat for about 20 min. until the pumpkin and the sweet potato are cooked (This depends a bit on the size of the cubes). At the end I added the pre-cooked chickpeas, added the lemon juice and the fresh coriander and served the curry with soy yoghurt.

Pumpkin curry1Pumpkin curry2

When I’m at home I like to serve my currys on naan bread (pita bread works well, too) or on Pappadams as a little snack. It makes a great office lunch the next day and it still tastes very yummy even if you don’t have a microwave at work and have to eat it cold. Put it in a container (if you don’t have one you can always recycle an old ice cream container or use an empty glass jar), take a bit of bread with you and make your colleagues jealous 🙂

Pumpkin curry to go

Pumpkin curry to go



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