Save the herbs!

Preserving herbs or how I decided to make my own herbal oil

It’s getting colder and a lot of my herbs would be about to die if I left them outside on my balcony. As I don’t have the space to take all of them inside, I started to freeze some of them. The problem is that my freezer isn’t big enough to put all of my herbs in there. So I had to come up with a new plan – and once again my dad inspired my. He just puts rosemary, garlic and oregano in an ordinary olive oil bottle and uses it as his own, unique herbal oil. He’s been doing that for ages.

I decided to go for the deluxe version and re-use some of the prettiest bottles I had at home. I turned one into a herbal oil bottle and using all kinds of herbs from my balcony, pepper corns and garlic. For the second bottle (forgot to take a picture of that…) I used a handful of chilli – it’s gonna be a spice explosion! Together with a bit of fleur de sel (put in a tiny jam jar) it made a great birthday gift for some of my friends. Making your own herbal oil is a great way of preserving herbs, re-using bottles and surprising someone with a unique gift from your kitchen. So what are you waiting for, save your herbs!

homemade herbal oil

homemade herbal oil



  1. voll gut! vor allem kann man das immer wieder mit öl auffüllen. wir haben auch ein chilliöl, das wir bestimmt seit 5 jahren immer wieder mit öl und manchmal ein wenig chilli nachfüllen und das ist richtig schön scharf 🙂

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