How I turned a carrot into a pumpkin

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and lentils – A project inspired by my friend Eva, my uselessness and Leckerbox’s Mittwochsbox #28


Last weekend my friend Eva made what I thought was the world’s yummiest pumpkin soup. In fact it was a carrot soup. But I didn’t know that back then. So this is a post about a carrot soup that turned into a pumpkin soup. That’s how much of a skilled food critic I am (If you are a food editor and you’re thinking of hiring me, ignore the last sentence. I am in fact a great connaisseur of everything that could potentially end up on my hips).

What I did know was that we sat together in a cold autumn night and her soup just made me feel so warm and happy – I knew I had to copy her idea. And as this week’s Mittwochsbox topic happens to be Thanksgiving I just had to try it out at home and share it with you. I didn’t ask my friend for a recipe, so I just tried to use the same ingredients and see how it worked – and what should I tell you – it did! Here are the works (for 4-6 portions) for a pumpkin soup with coconut and lentils

1 Hokkaido pumpkin

200 g of red lentils

300 ml of coconut milk

2 onions

1 liter of vegetable broth (I usually make a big pot of fresh broth once a week and freeze it. I use different containers to portion it.)

1-2 TS of sunflower oil

1 red pepper

1 clove of garlic

1 TS of fresh ginger

1 TS of curry

1 TS of paprika

1 TS of turmeric

1 TS of cumin

1 tsp of coriander seed

1 tsp of cayenne pepper


black pepper

I washed the lentils and soaked them overnight. The next day I boiled them in water for about 20 minutes (If you don’t use dried lentils, leave this step out and just add them to your soup at the end). In the meantime I chopped the pepper and the pumpkin into cubes. I cut the onions, the ginger and the garlic finely and fried them up in a big pot for about a minute. Then I added the spices, the pumpkin and pepper cubes and let everything fry up for another 2 minutes. After that I added the vegetable broth and let everything boil until the pumpkin got soft. That took about 20 minutes, but it depends a little on the size of the cubes. Once the pumpkin was soft enough I blended everything, added the coconut milk and the lentils and let everything simmer for another five minutes. At the end I added some salt, pepper and fresh coriander. And there you go – the perfect recipe for cold nights:

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and lentils

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and lentils

leftover lunch: pumpkin soup to go

leftover lunch: pumpkin soup to go



  1. Hi Eva, du machst ja lustige Sachen, eine Kürbissuppe essen die keine Kürbissuppe ist und die dann mit Kürbis nachkochen 😉
    Ich habe herzlich gelacht.
    Schön das du wieder dabei bist, freut mich sehr.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Mone, manchmal bin ich einfach ein Schussel… Jetzt hoffe ich nur, dass meine Kürbissuppe meiner Freundin so gut schmeckt wie mir ihre Möhrensuppe 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Eva

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