How I turned my blog into a flea market

… or: free-shit-Friday on ingloriousplastics (three girlie give-aways for you)

Ever thought of setting up a virtual market stall? Until recently this would have never crossed my mind. Then I read a very interesting post on the Facebook page of the food and design blog Ohhh…Mhhh… and I immediately started rummaging through my old stuff, took pictures and decided to turn ingloriousplastics into a flea market for one day and participate in this pretty unique challenge.

Thinking about this it totally makes sense to use a blog or Facebook page as a virtual market place. A lot of people already sell, share or give away things for free in Facebook groups. I knew from the very beginning that I didn’t want to sell anything. But I would love to give away three beautiful items which are left from my last clothes swaps – for free of course. I love the idea of sharing something through my blog – and this time it wouldn’t be a story, an idea or a recipe, but a real object 🙂 If you fancy any of the below items, comment on this post first and then send me an email (you can find the address is in the “about” section of my blog). You can either pick them up or I can send them to you (costs for the postage can be paid via PayPal). So what are you waiting for? First come first serve!

No.1: Polka dot bag

Polka dot bag

I got this bag from a  flea market a long time ago not knowing I’m actually a shoulder bag kind of person.

No.2: High waist flower power hot pants, size 36

Flower Power Hot Pants

They always make me think of the festival where I wore them. They’re in a really good condition though. I love the pattern, but I’m a bit over hot pants.

No.3: Black high waist petticoat style skirt, size 36

Black skirtLove it! It just got a bit too tight for me…

Do you want to open your own virtual bazaar, too? Then why don’t you participate in Ohhh…Mhhh…’s blogging project? The more the merrier! But don’t forget: You gotta hurry up. P.S. Feel free to share this.



  1. What a lovely idea!
    well.. the black high waist skirt looks really beautiful and might fit me well since I got a pretty small waist……. =)
    Thanks a loooot!

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