Liebster Award

How I got nominated for a Liebster Award and didn’t notice


The first time I came across a blog award was a few weeks after I had started blogging in March. I can remember I thought “I wonder if ingloriousplastics ever gets one.” Well, I did – seven months ago. For some stupid reason I didn’t notice the wonderful Fearse Family had nominated me for a Liebster Award (If you want to know what a Liebster award is you might find Sopphey’s or Lorraine’s post helpful). I only found out last week when I went through a few old notifications. So dear Fearse Family, please consider this post an apology. I didn’t mean to take so much time.

Part of the Liebster award is that you answer a set of questions created by the person who nominated you. So here are my answers to the Fearse Family’s interesting questions:

1. Which books are on your bedside table right now?

A travel guide to Vienna and Marina Lewycka’s Various Pets Alive & Dead – a hilarious read.

2. What is the most sentimental item you own?

My mum’s diary which she kept when I was a baby. My old teddy. And probably my wedding ring.

3. When is the last time you pushed yourself to your physical limits?

Last night when I ran for the tram. Unfortunately there was no reward, I missed it.

4. What amazes you in this world?

Diversity. Beauty. Kindness. And the fact that despite of all horrible things change is possible.

5. If you could choose anyone in the world to become your instant house mate, who would it be? (and why?)

That’s a tough question, but I think I wouldn’t mind sharing a house with the Dalai Lama. I would hope that his positive energy, his optimism and his kindness would have an effect on me. On top of that we both like veggie meals 🙂

6. What makes you happy?

Lazy Sundays. Fun nights with friends. Spending time with my family. Writing. Good food. Helping others. Random acts of kindness.

7. What do you wish you could change?

Too many things… Poverty. Injustice. Environmental damage.

8. If you could go back and observe (fly on the wall style) one day in your life, which day would you choose?

Wow, I’ve never asked myself that, but I guess I would love to experience the day where my brother was born again. This was the first day of my life I could remember.

9. What principles guide your life?

Love, curiosity and creativity.

10. Name one item you absolutely could not live without.

Hm, that’s an easy one – my glasses 🙂

A big thank you again to the Fearse Family! I will continue the way they did and nominate five other blogs I found really inspiring, regardless of the ever-changing rules of the Liebster award:

The Plastic-Free Chef : Cooking without plastic waste. This blog helps me so much with my cooking!

Food (Policy) for Thought: A grad student’s musings on sustainable food systems, agriculture and more – a highly interesting and informative read.

Plastic Manners: An interesting blog about life without plastic

Poppy’s Patisserie – Bunny Kitchen: A never-ending supply of eco-friendly and healthy recipes.

Here are my questions for the nominees:

1. What was the best meal you ever ate?

2. What was the last place you travelled to?

3. What is the most challenging thing about blogging for you?

4. If you could choose anyone in the world who would you like to interview for your blog and why?

5. If you could go back in time where would you like to go and why?

6. If you were an animal which animal would you be?

7. What was the most amazing place in the world you have ever seen?

8. What do you wish you could change?

9. How would you describe a perfect day?

10. Who are the most important people in your life?

If you want to accept the award, please comment on this post.


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