Two trashy ideas

… or how I turned old drinks cartons and candy/moisturizer tins into useful objects

I hardly ever buy drinks in cartons nowadays, but whenever I had a carton at home I made sure I didn’t throw it out. I knew there must be something useful I could do with them (aside from DIY business cards). Thanks to Trash Backwards I found a solution – turning my old drink cartons into lunch boxes.

All you have to do is cut the sides and fold them (Click here for the tutorial) over. I used a sort of envelope clip (I tried to find the proper name for them, but I could neither find the German nor the English one) to close the box. I accumulated many of them over the last years. So here’s my drink carton lunch box:

...and another lunch box pic

DIY lunch box

DIY snack containerlunch box

My second upcycling project involved old candy and cosmetic tins. Ever since I started to go as plastic-free as possible I’ve ended up with more and more of them. Most of them are lolly  (Yes, you can get lollies that aren’t individually packaged! Try Pullmoll for example) and moisturizer tins. I adapted an idea I had a little while ago – turning crown/bottle caps into fridge magnets – and used them as a sort of magnetic picture frame. I just glued an interesting picture inside the tin and a magnet to the back. I used an old football magnet which I would have otherwise thrown out. So there you go: candy tin fridge magnets – this might become my ”chain Christmas gift” (a little gift I give to a bunch of people for Christmas) this year.

lolly tin fridge magnet

candy tin fridge magnet

lolly tin fridge magnet



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