My new “t-towel”

How a favourite t-shirt became a teatowel

My husband loves his t-shirts. So do I. I do have to admit though that there is a stage where I would secretly prefer to dispose of his favourite item of clothing: when it’s full of holes. The good news for him: There is no need to say goodbye – There are plenty of things you can do with old t-shirts. I turned my husband’s shirt into a teatowel.

Of course you can just cut out a tea towel sized cloth and start using it straight away, but if you want to make it last it makes sense to sew it up properly. I found a very useful tutorial here (I chose the hassle-free third method). I basically just cut out two squares, turned the sides around sewed everything together and left a little gap (Just as if you were sewing a pillow case). That way I could turn the towel around easier. After that I sewed up the little gap by hand.

Et voilà, no need to ever buy teatowels again:

t-shirt tea-towel

DIY t-shirt teatowel

Looking for more ideas? Have a look what else you can do with old-shirts here.


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