Getting cosy

A project inspired by Ohhh…Mhhh…’s Frage-Foto-Freitag

The leaves are falling, it’s getting dark earlier and the temperatures are dropping (at least on this side of the planet) – to make a long story short: There is no better time to get cosy at home – this weeks’s Frage-Foto-Freitag topic. Snuggling up under the blanket is always a great idea, but if I want to get really cosy, I need scissors, a needle and glue. So here’s a little collection of my favourite easy upycling projects for cosy autumn nights. All you need is something old you want to pretty up. And the best thing about it: You don’t even have to get up from your couch (if you have a big couch table):

Pimping old pictures

I spotted this genious idea in Edinburgh, Scotland and I instantly knew: This is what I’m gonna do with some of my old pictures!

Pimping old picturesUpcycling old hairclips

All I need for that is fabric scraps and some glue – no need to buy new hairclips anymore.

Pretty up old hairclips

Turning “plastic bag fabric” into plastic bag cosmetics bags

If you made “plastic bag fabric” before, you can get started straight away. Just fold half of the piece of plastic fabric (that would be a regular-sized plastic bag), sew everything together (the nicer side should face the bottom) and attach a velcro fastener to each side.

plastic bag cosmetics bag

plastic bag cosmetics bag

more bags


There is no easier way to do something creative with your old magazines. Just make yourself a good old scapbook where you can keep all sorts of pretty or inspirational pictures. I find the process of cutting out pictures extremely calming and relaxing and I also use my scrapbook as I kind of picture diary. Try it out!

I love my scrapbook

I love my scrapbook

After all the crazy crafty-ness I usually treat myself to a homemade goodie – like these awesome cinnamon rolls (click here for the recipe) I tried out last week.

Good night!

Good night!

So I hope I could get you some inspiration for boring nights at home. Have a cosy weekend!


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