DIY washing-up liquid

… cleaning up the mess after a big cake orgy

Yesterday I had a bit of a cake invasion at my place. These little goodies (recipes will follow) vanished in just a few hours. My guests left me in a sort of sugar coma.

Cake invasion1 Cake invasion2 Cake invasion3 cake invasion4 Cake invasion5

As you might have guessed, I was left with a whole bunch of dishes. Fortunately I’ve got the world’s best eco-friendly, plastic-free washing-up liquid (and the world’s best husband who volunteered to “try it out” 🙂 ). So there is no sign of the cake madness anymore.

On Zum Ursprung Zurück there is a great recipe for a DIY washing-up liquid (fills up a normal sized water bottle). I modified it a bit (I don’t add any orange oil for example) and translated it into English for you. You need:

some sort of vessel (use an old washing-up liquid plastic bottle (works best for squeezing it out) or glass bottle, glass jar, Tupperware container etc.)

120 ml of hot water

10-15 g of curd soap (available at supermarkets, health stores etc.. The one I chose is 100% plant-based and does not contain EDTA)

1 1/2 of baking soda (=natron in German)

500 ml of water

Grate the soap first.

grating soap

Then mix the soap with the hot water and make sure everything dissolves properly. After that you can add the baking soda and slowly stir in the water. Add more if it is too thick. Et voilà, this is probably the cheapest and most eco-friendly washing-up liquid ever. And it only takes you ten minutes to make it.

DIY washing-up liquid

Shake it before using it and if it gets too thick after a while just add some more water.


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