DIY soap dispenser and liquid soap

… the second life of a glass bottle

It’s this time of the year again where everyone around me seems to be sneezing and coughing. As soap bars don’t seem to be the perfect companions for this sort of situation, I started making my own liquid soap. Buying liquid soap is not really an option for me, as it’s impossible (and unthinkable) to get without plastic.

I can’t really give you a recipe for my homemade soap, as it’s way too simple. I just grated my favourite plant-based soap bar and added boiled water (You decide how thick you want your mixture to be) and a few drops of lemon or orange oil to it. I’ve only been using my homemade liquid soap for a few days and so far it seems absolutely fine. As I keep it in a small bottle it will be used up quickly and I guess I won’t get any problems with the texture. But I will definitely give you a little update on the long-term effects of my soap in a few weeks. I also found Wellness Mama’s recipe and the long article on Lovely Greens quite helpful.

So what to do with this now? I tried using glass bottles (with ordinary lids/caps), but it wasn’t very convenient, as I always poured way too much soap over my hands. So I decided to make my own soap dispensers (which by the way are great for my homemade washing-up liquid, too). I saw some many cool DIY soap dispensers online that inspired me to do this, for example on The Red Chair Blog (Mine pretty much look like them now, they were just too pretty) or on Redhead can Decorate. I started asking people for their old plastic soap dispensers (Danke, Mama 🙂 ) and removed their pump caps.

So I went through my collections of old glass bottles (I chose a pretty one from France) and found a perfect match straight away – no glue needed. It fits perfectly and you can remove it easily to refill it. So here are my DIY glass bottle soap/washing-up liquid dispensers:

for my soap

for my soap

for my washing-up liquid

for my washing-up liquid

By the way, I’ve already got a project for the future. This recycled whisky bottle soap dispenser is pretty kick-ass! Someone might find might it under the Christmas tree this year 🙂


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