A “trashy” house wall in New York

… a funny upcycling project in Brooklyn that makes you think about things we throw out

For those of you who expected another recipe today: I’m sorry! But when I went through my pictures the other day, I found something I had totally forgotten to share with you – and before I forget again, I just have to tell you the story.

When I went to New York in March I spotted what I thought was probably the coolest house wall in the world. It was painted in different colours decorated with old objects people had thrown out – a typewriters, a keyboard, shoes, a fax-machine, a guitar, a chair, a cupboard, toys and old boxes. The owners of the house (or whoever did this) came up with some pretty ingenious ideas – to use an old shoe as a flower-pot for example.  I rang the bell, but nobody seemed to be home. “What a pity”, I thought. I would have loved to talk to the artist Nat Hendricks.

Maybe someone has been there or knows what’s going on there (and if this house still exists)!? The house was on State St near Smith St in Brooklyn. This is what it looked like (I wish I would have taken nicer pics…):

P1080139 P1080140 P1080141 P1080142 jon-e cash P1080144

I absolutely love the ideas and I can only hope more people will decorate their houses that way 🙂 I will definitely start with the flower-pot shoes!


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