Soul Food

A vegan Wednesday in the cold

It’s getting cold outside. That means: I’m craving soul food. Here’s a little collection of what I cooked last Wednesday (no plastic involved). By the way, from now on I will always include the packaging issue in my recipes. A few people asked me about where they could find plastic-free options, so I thought that would help a bit with the plastic-free shopping.

As I said, winter is all about soul food for me. That’s why I started my day with pancakes – muesli pancakes with blueberries. I used (1 Portion):

30 g of wholemeal spelt flour (in paper packaging)

70 ml of soy milk (soy milk in re-usable glass bottles, can be found in most health shops and organic supermarkets)

1,5 TS of agave juice (agave juice is available in glass jars in most health shops and organic supermarkets, for example here)

1/2 tsp of baking powder (available without plastic here, otherwise buy in one big container rather than the individually packaged ones)

2 TS of oats (in paper packaging, available in most supermarkets)

a pinch of salt (in cardboard box)

1-2 TS of walnut oil (in glass bottle) for the pan

For the topping + side

1 bit of lemon juice (to squeeze on top of the pancake)

a handful of defrosted blueberries (bought them a little while ago when it was blueberry season (you can buy them in bulk in little wooden baskets in most veggie shops) and froze them)

a banana

optional: a bit of jam or agave juice to go with it

I don’t know if a description for making pancakes is really necessary. I guess you do what you always do. The dough should be enough for about 3 little pancakes. If the dough seems to runny, you can add more oats.

muesli pancakes with blueberries and banana

muesli pancakes with blueberries and banana

As I started the day with something warm, I decided to have a cold lunch – red millet salad. It’s so easy to prepare in advance and you can just put it in a container, take it to work and enjoy a really yummy, healthy lunch. I normally try to make enough so that it lasts me a few days. Here’s the recipe.

red millet salad

red millet salad

For dinner I craved something hearty and warm, so I decided to try out a recipe I found in Attila Hildmann’s book Vegan for Fit (Will be available in Australia, USA and UK next year, too!) – lentil soup with almond butter with a hazelnut dried tomato oregano topping (Find more of the ingredients in this German blog). Yum! And before I forget – to all my American friends: Have a lovely Thanksgiving day tomorrow!

lentil soup with almond butter

lentil soup with almond butter

By the way, if you want to know where to get a certain product without plastic (or where to buy things in bulk etc.) and it’s not listed on ingloriousplastics, just comment on any post or send me an email. You can find the address in the about section.


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