Upcycled Christmas ideas #3

DIY pizza carton postcards

When I lived in the UK, home of the Hallmark postcard, I was amazed by how seriously people took the whole postcard business. To be honest I had paid much attention to postcards. I would often read them and throw them out after it. I would only keep the really pretty ones. But I noticed how much people in the UK valued their postcards. I saw people arranging them on the window sill, on their coffee tables or on their drawers. A friend of mine even hung them in her window using string.

To make a long story short: I absolutely loved how much a little postcard meant in the UK. I decided to become a little bit more English and bring this tradition back to my country – and make my own postcards. In my opinion there is no need to buy Christmas cards (unless you want to send one when you’re on holidays). Even if people keep them for a little while, they’ve got a very short life span and still get thrown out eventually. So why not recycle old cardboard, magazines and envelopes and create something unique – like DIY pizza carton postcards?

P1100021 P1100022

Take an old pizza carton (or any other carton), cut out a rectangle shaped postcard (just use an old one as a sample). Do the same with an old envelope. Then glue the envelope to the coloured side of the carton and use the blank side to get creative. Use old magazines or junk mail (you will find a lot of Christmas-sy pictures at the moment!) and cut out stars, trees or anything else you can think of and glue them to the cardboard.

DIY Christmas card

You can find more unusual ideas on Buzzfeed. This one is my favourite last-minute project. Mine doesn’t look as pretty, but I used a different method, too. I cut a magazine page into little strips and arranged them as a tree. I also cut out a love heart – that way I’ve got a 100% recycled postcard.

Christmas tree postcard

By the way: This can be used as a DIY gift tag, too.



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