New Year’s resolutions

How to say goodbye to unnecessary packaging in 2014

Broken resolutions, anyone?

Broken resolutions, anyone?

Happy New Year everyone! Losing weight, exercising, being healthier etc. – Have you broken made any resolutions for the New Year yet? How about including “avoiding single-use plastics” in your list?

As for my part I decided to be a bit stricter with my shopping routine again. I could see how at the end of the year – no matter how hard I tried – my rubbish bin would fill up quicker and quicker. This was mainly due to big dinners that required a lot of preparation (and too little time to always go to the right places). So if you want to follow my plan and cut down on your single-use plastic consumption, you can get started with this useful list. Find a more detailed list on my blog (I just updated it).

For those of you who are too lazy to read it all, here are my best tips on avoiding single-use plastics. Some of them might seem rather obvious, but the more we spread the idea the better!

ingloriousplastics New Year’s pledge

  • Ditch plastic bags once and for all. Bring your cotton bag and re-use old plastic bags for things like loose salad or vegetables.
  • Get yourself a re-usable bottle and ditch single-use plastic bottles and bottled water.
  • Choose loose fruits and vegetables over packaged ones.
  • Buy things in re-usable containers (juice and milk in glass bottles, yoghurt in glass jars etc.).
  • Re-use and upcycle things. On ingloriousplastics you can find a lot of ideas for that. Just click through “upcycling“.
  • No matter if it’s bread or candy – Make more things from scratch. Click through my plastic-free recipes and explore!

And last but not least: Spread the idea!

I know that some people get annoyed by it, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it. Haters are gonna hate, you won’t change that. Single-use plastics are one of the main sources of pollution in the world and if the fact that I’m annoying someone with this just makes them think about it for a second, I’m already happy. So I hope I could give you some inspiration to get started. Happy New Year!


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