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How to avoid micro-plastic in cosmetics

Who doesn’t love scrubs? They just make your skin feel so nice and soft and so incredibly smell good (Eeehm I’m not talking about the TV show, guys…). But did you also know that they end up in honey, drinking water or fish?

The micro-particles in body scrubs are often made of plastic. So are the so-called “pearls” in certain toothpaste brands or the micro-particles in a number of other cosmetics. Micro-particles are so tiny that purification plants can’t get them out of the water. Often you can hardly see them, but eventually they end up in the sea, in organisms and even on your plate and in your drinking water. At the moment nobody even knows how micro-plastic will affect the environment in the future.

For a long time I wasn’t aware that there wasn’t only plastic on the outside of cosmetics (I mean the packaging), but also inside my shower gel or my foundation. Due to sensitive skin and my determination to reduce packaging I pretty much swapped all my cosmetics for natural alternatives within the past year. But when I checked this list a friend sent me today I couldn’t believe that the mascara I used for a long time actually contained plastic. I’m glad I ditched it.

a delicious eco-friendly alternative: homemade scrub

a delicious eco-friendly alternative: homemade scrub

If you want to do something as well, swap your old cosmetics for more eco-friendly alternatives. Such a small thing to do, such a big effect! This list will help. Otherwise check for polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the list of ingredients. You can even make your own body scrubs. It saves you loads of money and your skin will love the natural ingredients. I put together a big jar of body scrub with a bit of sugar, honey, olive oil and lemon juice. I found a fantastic list of body scrub recipes here. Beautyblunders’ list is just awesome and for all those of you who wanna give it a shot – it includes a lot of vegan scrub options, too.

What do you think about the micro-plastic issue? Did you know about it? And would you swap your cosmetics? Would love to hear from you about this!



  1. Thanks for this post, it’s a good reminder! I’ve been vaguely aware of the toxins / microplastics contained in beauty products for a while but because I rarely use any, it’s taking me a long time to do anything differently. I’ll definitely be giving this body scrub a go, it looks completely luscious!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’ve been using this scrub for weeks now and my skin feels absolutely amazing. I don’t think I will ever spend money on body scrub again 🙂

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