Odd little friends

Why we should all love “Culinary Misfits”

Can you remember the last time you entered a supermarket and bought an oddly shaped potato or a carrot that didn’t look perfectly straight? I can’t. For a long time I did most of my shopping at the supermarket next door – just because I was a little lazy. Since I became more aware of environmental issues, it really bothered me that fruits and vegetables always looked so artificial and perfect. I asked myself: What happens to the odd ones out? What happens to non-perfect-looking fruits and vegetables?

I guess we all know the answer: They get thrown out. No matter how much you standardize and industrialize the process of food production, you will still end up with “products” that don’t match the criteria and end up in the bin. The Berlin-based initiative “CulinARy MiSfiTS” draws attention to this problem. Their conviction: Fruits and veggies do not have to look perfect to be perfectly healthy and delicious. I totally agree.

All shapes are beautiful

All shapes are beautiful

So while “Culinary Misfits” try everything to convince supermarkets to sell “odd produce” and to educate people about food and cooking, we can all do our bit next time we go shopping: Choose a place that sells all shapes fruits and vegetables and choose a product that does not look perfect. I bet you can’t taste the difference!

Btw: You can even do that at your local supermarket: Buy a banana that looks a little bit too ripe, choose an apple with a brown spot, take a potato with a tiny imperfection. What helped me overcome the all to natural feeling of going for the best was the following thought: If I don’t buy it, the chances are it gets thrown out.


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