Oriental style quinoa salad

A plastic-free office lunch

I hate pre-packaged salads. They do not only leave me with lots of unnecessary packaging, they also taste boring and often contain preservatives and other things I don’t want in my food. So whenever I work outside of my apartment (I’m a freelancer, so I can often cook lunch at home – a huge advantage) I make myself a little lunch box. One of the easiest things to prepare is quinoa. You just boil it in salt water or stock, let it cool down a bit and mix it with veggies and spices. Here’s my favourite version of it – oriental style quinoa salad with spinach and chickpeas. I usually make it a day in advance and it lasts for about three days.

You need (serving 4)

200 g of quinoa (in a cardboard box from Davert)

450-500 ml of vegetable stock or water

2 TS of olive oil

200 g of fresh spinach

2-3 TS of roasted pine nuts (bought loose)

200 g of (pre-boiled) chickpeas (I bought them in a glass jar at dm)

2 small carrots

3 spring onions

1 clove of garlic

3 TS of fresh parsley

juice of 1 lemon

1 chilli

1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper

1 TS of turmeric

1 TS of paprika

1 TS of curry

a pinch of sea salt

fresh ground pepper

dressing (optional):

150 g of soy or greek yoghurt

1 TS of lemon juice

a pinch of salt

Boil the quinoa for about 20 minutes until the liquid is all soaked up. Let the quinoa cool down, chop the spring onions, the carrots, the parsley and garlic. Roast the pine nuts and wash the spinach. Then mix everything with the rest of the ingredients. Then mix yoghurt with lemon juice and salt for the dressing. Et voilà: The world’s yummiest office lunch!

Quinoa salad



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