Green food, DIY projects and more…

Hi, my name is Eva and every year I ditch a bad habit for the time of Lent and try to live without it for 40 days. In 2013 I spent six weeks without buying anything made of plastic or wrapped into plastic – That meant no plastic bags, bottles, containers, plastic foil etc. you name it.  This is how ingloriousplastics started. I used this blog to share my experience with you, show you the obstacles I was confronted with and discuss your ideas on my project.

When my little project was over, I decided to continue writing about avoiding packaging and green ideas in general as going plastic-free raised a higher level of awareness among me and my friends and family. I’ve been a veggie for quite a while, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to post a few recipes as well. So ingloriousplastics is basically all about eco-friendly food, DIY projects and everything green and beautiful now.

I also wanted to update all those of you who happened to spot me on the internet and decided to read and comment on my posts. As I want all of my friends to be able to follow my blog (not only my German speaking ones), I decided to write my posts in English. So follow my journey and feel free to share my blog with your family, friends or workmates! And if you have any inspiring ideas, suggestions or questions, please let me know! I would love to hear your story.


P.S. I used to post things very regularly, but nowadays I don’t always have the time to do so. So I can never quite tell in advance when my next article is going to be online. If you want to get more regular updates, follow ingloriousplastics on facebook.



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